[Arxiv] ViDiT-Q: Efficient and Accurate Quantization of Diffusion Transformers for Image and Video Generation

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Diffusion transformers (DiTs) have exhibited remarkable performance in visual generation tasks, such as generating realistic images or videos based on textual instructions. However, larger model sizes and multi-frame processing for video generation lead to increased computational and memory costs, posing challenges for practical deployment on edge devices. Post-Training Quantization (PTQ) is an effective method for reducing memory costs and computational complexity. When quantizing diffusion transformers, we find that applying existing diffusion quantization methods designed for U-Net faces challenges in preserving quality. After analyzing the major challenges for quantizing diffusion transformers, we design an improved quantization scheme “ViDiT-Q” - Video and Image Diffusion Transformer Quantization) to address these issues. Furthermore, we identify highly sensitive layers and timesteps hinder quantization for lower bit-widths. To tackle this, we improve ViDiT-Q with a novel metric-decoupled mixed-precision quantization method (ViDiT-Q-MP). We validate the effectiveness of ViDiT-Q across a variety of text-to-image and video models. While baseline quantization methods fail at W8A8 and produce unreadable content at W4A8, ViDiT-Q achieves lossless W8A8 quantization. ViDiT-Q-MP achieves W4A8 with negligible visual quality degradation, resulting in a 2.5x memory optimization and a 1.5x latency speedup. Project Page - https://a-suozhang.xyz/viditq.github.io/

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Tianchen Zhao
Tianchen Zhao
Phd. Student at Tsinghua University

I’m a Phd. student in Tsinghua University, my research focus is Effieicent Deep Learning